Paper Crafts

Origami, letterpress, linocuts, laser-cuts, pepakura, pop-ups, flip-books, silhouettes, maché, and more.

Let Your Imagination Take Flight with Star Wars-Inspired Quad Builds

When it comes to flying, there are quite a few considerations to think about. Help your Star Wars creations take flight!

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Adafruit Previews CRICKIT, Hopes To Make Robotics More Acessible

There have been a rash of short videos popping onto the Adafruit youtube channel recently that depict Limor Fried showing off a new board driving some fun cardboard based projects. This new board, which we can hear Limor explain is the CRICKIT, appears to be in prototype stages. It got me really curious. Here it […]

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Weekend Watch: Explore the Miniature World of Landvaettr’s Lair

Enter a miniature fantasy world built from little more than coffee stirrers, foam, toothpicks, paint, and glue.

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Maker Pro News: Football Maker Pros, Nintendo Explores Papercraft, and More

This week, read up on how maker pros are affecting the American football industry, Nintendo is exploring papercraft projects, and more.

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Papier Macine Launches Beautiful Educational Kickstarter

Papier Machine, a playful look at electronics through paper experiments, just launched their own Kickstarter.

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