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THIS IS THE LATEST AND GREATEST! h2 or whatever within an article a new block.great this is a two column text area via elementor. I think it will likely cause the page to look too subdivided and cluttery. we shall see.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper […]

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Make Change: How-To’s for Effective Peaceful Protest

Taking to the streets in peaceful protest is a sacred right of all Americans, enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Here’s how to make what you need for safe, peaceful, and effective protest. This list is just a start. Stay healthy out there! UPDATED June 19 SIGNS, BANNERS, EFFIGIES, PERFORMANCE Creative Direct Action […]

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This Intricately Geared 7-segment Display Gives a Gorgeous View Of Your Subscriber Count

Recently my YouTube channel  unexpectedly started to get attention, so I decided to do something special for when it finally reached 1,000 subscribers. An internet-connected live counter seemed like a great way to celebrate the event, with the added bonus that other people could build one themselves. There are already a few excellent split-flap kits […]

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Book Review: “I Make”, by Tracy Blom & Jimmy Diresta

I had a chance to meet Tracy Blom and talk about her books last year at WorkbenchCon. At the time she was just publishing a children’s book inspired by Jimmy Diresta as a child called “I Make”, and I thought the idea was adorable. I noticed you can now pick up this delightful little book […]

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Get Creative In This World Wide Digital Build-off: The Deconstruction

The Deconstruction is back! Watching the fun little promotional video, you may find yourself still wondering what the Deconstruction is. Well, it is pretty simple: The Deconstruction is a creative collaboration event held online – and in real life. Before the event, a topic is released for our participants (you!) to explore (deconstruct!). Then, during […]

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Maker Spotlight: Abigail Morgan

Name: Abigail Morgan Where are you located?  Orrville, Ohio What is your day job?  Student Etsy What kinds of stuff do you make?  Polymer clay charms and snakes, assorted earrings, bulbs, charm kits, etc How did you get started making stuff?  I wanted a way to keep myself busy and start for my future. I […]

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