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Kitchen 101: Basic Meringue

Kitchen 101: Basic Meringue


Meringue is a light, sweet dessert made mostly from egg whites and sugar and can be used for various purposes...

Paper Flower Tutorial


Patricia of A Little Hut shares her technique for making this beautifully detailed paper flower. I love the scoring of...

Crochet Rainbow Cake Slice


Rainbow cakes have been so popular recently, here’s one you can make that is definitely fat free – this crochet...

Cross-Stitched British Vogue Covers


Inge Jacobson features her cross-stitched British Vogue covers on her blog. Fashionista reports that these covers were a part of...

DIY Masking Tape Easter Stickers


Creature Comforts shows off her colorful and patterned masking tape (I so want some!) to make some really pretty Easter-themed...

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