What would happen if all the elements were combined at once?

OK, so I spruced up the sublimely boring image accompanying this interesting question over at Popular Science with a picture of the thermite reaction. I couldn’t find a picture of burning plutonium. C’mon wikimedians! What’s taking so long?

The real answer, it turns out, is something like “at first it would be very exciting, and then it would be very boring.” Here’s a characteristically droll quote from my old quantum mechanics instructor, John Stanton:

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Made in Japan

The holidays are upon us, so here are a few gift ideas for that special person who deserves something cool and interesting fit their unique personality. The Maker Shed is the exclusive US distributor of Gakken products, allowing shoppers to get high-quality kits from Japan without prohibitive overseas shipping costs. Gakken’s kits provide the perfect […]

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Noro Hat Pattern

This Noro Hat pattern is an oldie but a goodie by Saartje de Bruijn. I whipped one up this weekend as the temperatures in NYC started to drop. It’s an easy pattern with alternating sections of knit and purl stitches, resulting in a cartoonish frozen yogurt-looking ripple texture. So warm!

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