Chumbophone – antiqued Chumby Guts

Etsy member AbrahamBook has been bitten by the Chumby Guts bug. He’s converted several ancient objects into modern wifi-enabled chumtainment devices. I asked him about what he was aiming for in this latest piece:

My Chumby creation started with an original Chumby although I have produced three similar devices from the Chumby Guts kit. I much prefer producing my devices with the Chumby Guts kit as it is always a messier build when having to undo a stock Chumby configuration. On the occasion that I set out to create the “Chumbaphone” I had used all of my “Guts” kits and Maker Shed had since run dry

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MakerBot Sumobot

Will Langford, the Tufts student who created printable shop glasses on his MakerBot and rendered Thom Yorke’s head in 3D, has now printed a Sumbot chassis for an Arduino-driven sumo. Nice work, Will! It’s so cute! Will’s page on Thingiverse More: Print your own glasses Radiohead´s Thom Yorke printed in 3D

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