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I started getting interested in Blythe when I wanted to make a three-dimensional self portrait, and was dumbfounded by the enormous community of customizers working with the Blythe Doll. One of the main online sources for customization is Puchi Collective, which houses oodles of tops for changing her eyechips, face makeup, and clothes. I was mainly interested in rerooting her hair, as the doll I acquired from co-blogger Jenny Ryan had blonde hair, and I wanted to use my own wavy red hair from a recent haircut. I made this video to illustrate the process, based on text-and-image tutorials I found on Puchi and Flickr. You can see some photos of my self portrait as Blythe in my Flickr set.

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Music is Yellow Cactus by I, Cactus.

From the pages of CRAFT, Vol. 03:


“Queen of the Misfit Toys” by Jenny Ryan, pgs 40-42.


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